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Warranty Information Warranty Statement

Keeper Goals and guarantees the product you purchased is free of defects in material and or workmanship for the period of time specified above.

Keeper Goals and reserves the right to repair, replace or refund any material or manufacturing defects. Warranty does not include cosmetic changes in equipment. Warranty shall cover failures in equipment. This warranty does not include defects or damages caused by improper installation or operation, accidents, fire, flood, wind, hail or other acts of God, extraordinary impact, vandalism, civil disorder, riot, misuses, abuse, exposure to harmful fumes, vapors or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere and does not cover deterioration, such as rust, due to normal wear and tear. Unauthorized alteration or modification of the product will void this warranty.

Product NameLength of Warranty
Trainer Series Backyard Goal1 year
Trainer Series Economy Goal1 year
Trainer Series Standard Goal5 year
Trainer Series Futsal Goal1 year
Striker Series Soccer Goals5 year
Libero Series Cable Net Goals7 year
Libero Series Channel Net Goals5 year
Classico Series Goals10 year
Mundial Series Goals10 year
ELITE Series Cable Net Goal7 year
ELITE Series Stadium Style Goal5 year
ELITE Series Channel Net Goal5 year
Ultimate Wheeled Series Goals10 year
Stadium Cup Standard Goals7 year
Stadium Cup Premier Goals10 year
Stadium Cup Movable Goal10 year
Stadium Cup Wheeled Goal10 year
FAS Soccer Goal7 year
4 x 2 Folding Aluminum Goal5 year
Mini Keeper Goal5 year
FFIT Shooting Goals1 year
Heavy-Duty Rebounder5 year
Widemouth Goal2 year
Interactive Goals1 year
Budget Small-Sided Goals2 year
PowrNet Rebounder1 year
Bownet Soccer Goals1 year

Additional Product Information

Wheels may wear depending on the amount of sun exposure they get and if they are used inappropriately, ie. Moving the goals without moving the wheels will damage the wheels.

For any questions concerning our warranty information please contact us.


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