futsal goal dimensions

Ultimate Guide to Futsal Goal Dimensions 2023

The sport of futsal has gained popularity in recent decades in the United States and is widely played across the globe especially in Europe and South America.  Currently there are two governing bodies that regulate the official rules for their version of futsal, the Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF) and FIFA. Every year FIFA publishes the Laws of Game for futsal which includes all the rules and regulations for every aspect of the game, including goal specifications. U.S. futsal adheres to the standards governed by FIFA futsal.

We’ve compiled some answers to our most frequently asked questions about futsal goals. 

How big is a futsal goal?

This is one of our most often asked questions. An official futsal goal size measures 3m wide between the posts (inside measurement) and 2m from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground. The dimensions of a futsal goal in feet are  9’10” wide and 6’7” high. 

Both goalposts and crossbar have the same depth as the goal line markings, 8cm or approximately 3 inches. 

All of our futsal goals that we offer measure 3m x 2m, a few of which are offered in the regulation 3” goalpost size. 

futsal goal dimensions

Does the shape of the futsal goalposts matter?

FIFA states that the goalposts and crossbar of both goals must be the same shape, which must be square, rectangular, round, elliptical or a hybrid of these options.

Certain leagues in Europe require the posts and crossbar to be square or rectangular in shape.

Do futsal goals have to be a certain color?

The only requirement for the color of futsal goals is that the goalpost and crossbar be a different color than the field (court). 

Often in South America you will see a striped color scheme, usually red and white. This is not a requirement for regulation futsal goals here in the United States and is purely aesthetic. 

What is an official futsal goal post size?

The official measurement of a futsal goalpost is 8cm wide, or approximately 3” wide.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor futsal goals?

There is no difference between indoor and outdoor futsal goal sizes. All of our futsal goals are durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

Are there any other requirements for regulation futsal goals?

Official futsal goals require that they be positioned at the center of each goal line and equidistant from the corners of the field. 

Futsal goals must also be stabilized in order to prevent them from overturning. They must not be fixed to the ground, but must have an adequate weight at the back so as to allow the goalposts to move reasonably without endangering the safety of the participants. This can be done by having adequate weight in the back of the goal. There are a variety of ways to do this. Sometimes weight is built into, or onto, the goal. Sometimes weight must be added on. Contact us to discuss the best methods for stabilizing your futsal goals.

What size are futsal goal nets?

Futsal nets should be 9’10” wide x 6’7″ high. The depth of the net could vary depending on the depth of the goal.

Also FIFA laws of the game state: “The nets must be made of an adequate material and attached to the back of the goalposts and the crossbar with a suitable means of support. They must be properly supported and must not interfere with the goalkeeper.”

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