Striker Economy Soccer Goal


The Striker Economy series soccer goal is manufactured with all-aluminum, lightweight, 3″ round tubing. Constructed to be more affordable, the unpainted round tubing makes this the perfect everyday practice goal that can still be easily maneuvered around the field due to the finished, rounded bottoms. Nets are fastened using quick and easy bungee ball attachments. The Striker Series features reinforced, high strength, durable aluminum corner castings.

  • $4350.00/pair
  • $3990.00/pair
  • $3660.00/pair
  • $3300.00/pair
  • $2880.00/pair
  • $2640.00/pair
  • ECSG3RD824
  • ECOSG3RD721
  • ECSG3RD66186
  • ECSG3RD612
  • ECSG3RD49
  • ECSG3RD46

Discount prices available for clubs and associates, call for pricing

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  • All aluminum construction
  • Lightweight 3” round tubing that comes in a mill finish
  • Easy to use bungee ball net attachments
  • High Strength, durable, aerospace-grade aluminum corner castings
  • Designed and tested to meet ASTM Standard F2673-08 and NCAA/NFSHSA Rules
  • Goal comes in five pieces; two sides, crossbar, ground bar, kit box, and can easily be assembled in 30 minutes
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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  • iconHigh School
  • iconClub
  • iconTraining
  • iconMovable
  • iconArtificial Turf
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8′ x 24′ x 3′ (top depth) x 8′ (bottom depth)

7′ x 21′ x 3′ (top depth) x 7′ (bottom depth)

6’6″ x 18′ x 3′ (top depth) x 6’6″ (bottom depth)

6′ x 12′ x 3′ (top depth) x 6′ (bottom depth)

4’6″ x 9′ x 2′ (top depth) x 4’6″ (bottom depth)

4′ x 6′ x 2′ (top depth) x 4’6″ (bottom depth)

Crossbar – 3″ round aluminum tubing

Uprights – 3″ round aluminum tubing

Corners – Cast aluminum

Ground Bar– 3″ round aluminum tubing

Backstays – 1-3/8″ round aluminum tubing

Net Attachment System:
Bungee-ball attachments

3mm white 4.75″ square mesh net

Unpainted mill finish



  • Pair of Striker Economy goal frames
  • Two 3mm white 4.75″ square mesh nets
  • Bungee-Ball attachments
  • Stakes


Additional costs apply to all options. Contact us for pricing and information on any options.

  • Cable net attachment system
  • Powder-coating available

Safety & Maintenance

Safety Info

ASTM guidelines require movable soccer goals to be anchored or secured at ALL times!

Download our General Safety Information about soccer goals to learn more. Download >

Maintenance Info

General soccer goal maintenance information. Download >